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. following developing news, people are waking up without water, we will tell you how many people are affected and how many repairs are going to take. a student comes down with a potentially deadly infection, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete coverage starts
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right now, this is a ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, i am pam cook. >> and i am brian flores, cold, cold and cold. we will warm up a little bit, maybe a few upper highs, here is sal. >> good morning, we are looking at the traffic on interstate 880 in oakland and you can see it is a little windy out there, be careful especially on some of those bridges, traffic is moving well, let's take a look at san francisco, northbound 101 traffic does look good as you approach the 880 split, let's go back to the desk.
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in san francisco, crews are at the scene of a water-main break and some blocks are now flooded. crews are rushing over. >> reporter: two blocks is without water and a lot of areas are shut down behind me. they are flooding this intersection and you can see crews are taking a look at the intersection as they try to get all the valves turned off. if you look across the street, that is where the problem is. they think the other areas is really the area coming out with the path of least resistance. this all started 3:00 this morning and they don't know what caused it. they do know you can imagine
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your surprise when you try to turn -- when they tried to turn on the faucet. >> there was no water when i tried to brush my teeth, all i can hear was bubbles in the background and i walk down the street and there was this mess. it is amazing. >> this is may on and filbert and that's the area where this leak happened. it is a six inch water-main and it is not a big water-main but enough to cause this issue. there are cable car track lines that go through here and we talk to the folks and they a opportunity it's going to take a while -- and they assume -- and they assume it's going to take awhile. it is not a big detour but folks who usually commute will be affected by that. in terms much what happened today, they are going to have to tow them, they will have to
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get them at the bottom of this problem and they will have to start drilling to pinpoint the problem but first they have to wait until it comes down even more and that might take a little bit longer. of course we will keep you updated here on the morning news. ktvu channel 2 morning news. claudine wong. >> it is still affecting homes and businesses this morning. now a car hit a pole last night knocking out power to 3500 customers. that power is knocked out to several homes and businesses and they hope to restore is to everyone. the lights went out shortly after 6:00 affecting some homes and businesses there. pg&e was able to restore power
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to everybody but there was reports it was caused by a downed power pole. chp is blaming a driver, which shortly happened midnight. investigators said the driver collide head-on. the head-on accident brought traffic to a holt for nearly two hours. so much a is investigating whether alcohol played a role. meanwhile chp is investigating the death of a homeless woman looking for her lost dog. she was looking for her lost --
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looking for her log dog. it brought snow to two mountain areas and it is a pretty picture there. people managed to do a little playing up there mission peek and san jose are also covered with some snow. now the snow brought a small tornado to red bluff 1:30 afternoon. no reports of any damages or injuries. and a very strong pattern in san leandro. a woman thought that is was a tornado as well. debris from the patio went flying around the neighborhood, nobody else was hurt and no
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other debris was found in that area. we will tell you how much know they received. a student was hospitalized with meningitis. the 17-year-old boy suddenly became ill on saturday and is still in serious condition. the student attend petaluma but also has friends at gaza grande. they are treating this with antibiotics. this service will be announced tonight. half the week a student was shot at a bus stop and a woman reported being beaten on campus. they will meet to discuss the
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attacks and a reward. they have set aside more than $60,000 to keep chp officers patrolling city streets. now the money approved will go on part-time patrols. they should keep the chps on the job until the latest academy patrols dan the state has been picking up the tab until now. accused oscar pistorius is in court supplieding for bail. a judge is soon expected to let us know whether they grant that request. they found two testosterones of needles and he said it is not performance enhancing drugs. it happened after a gas-x
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motion happened in kansas city missouri : 14 people were injured at least three critically, so far no death have been reported but cadaver dogs were searching for the victim. >> it hit you like a shock wave. we felt that explosion. >> reporter: police say an underground work herb may have struck a gas line and caused an under grown explosion. -- underground explosion. they still pay cash to cross the golden gate and they are hoping most of them will convert to fast track. they will -- fast track. they will explain to drivers how they can convert and they will explain how much they can
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they the all tourists. hopefully it is light again for people out there by the roads, sal. >> that's right, traffic is doing well at the coliseum mutes let's start out it looks pretty good with no major problem and we are looking good to the toll plaza and it looks good as doctors the bridge. it could be windy on some of those bridges so be careful. this is a look at highway 17, traffic does look good. let's go to steve. our system is in southern california, a north wind is coming in behind it and it is a cold one this morning, lots of 30s showing up. that system is out of here and
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it is starting to move down towards arizona, so if you have travel plans you are going down towards southern arizona. we are taking over san joaquin valley so heading to phoenix and now las vegas, lots of 40s and 40s in san francisco, 20s at fso 31 santa rosa, high pressure is building into the north, high pressure does not look the north so it try trees to fill it with win. north wind is good for santa rosa, some 60s and a lot of upper 50s. sunny mostly sunny, a system is
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clipping up it is north you about i don't think they are coming here. going to the gold, the new bay area connection to the summer olympic plame. the inside discovery, we will tell you more about it. we will tell you about the conditions around the bay area for the morning commute, stay stay tuned. [ crickets chirping ]
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. clear skies, cold breezy, lots of 40s, it will be sunny today, mainly in the 50s. welcome back, time now 4:43, a body found inside a water tank has been identified as a missing tourist from canada. a maintenance worker made the
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discovery yesterday. they confirmed, she was 21-year- old lisa lamb. she was visiting and supposed to be heading to santa cruz. lamb was reported missing three weeks ago and investigators have trying to figure out how she died. it could take awhile to find a hiker found in an open space reserve just before and they just determined the person was mail. they will divest itself from the gun business and they will sell off $5 million worth of stock which manage assault weapons and high capacity magazine clips, and they say
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it is a response to the newtown connecticut school shooting. >> we represent other faculties and for them it is pro foundly significant. >> it is the latest fun -- it is the latest fund they have derived from. it will take place march 16th and organizers will pay $200 for every other firearm and 316 for other assault weapon. jessie jackson junior and his wife are expected to plead gold to you to -- guilty to misuse of campaign funds. he received campaign money and used it for personal expenses. some of those expenses include if you ares and -- furs and jackson wife is charged with
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filing false tax returns. they are accused hacking attacks on u.s. targets is flawed. now in a statement released, it conclusion tying it to a secret chinese military unit working out of shanghai were wrong. they say merely linking the i p addresses to the facility is not technical proof. according to the city report, cafes double as illegal gambling operations because they sell to sweep steaks games landlords are working to shut down the operations and the moratorium is giving them time to decide whether they need to rezone the areas. if it does not act, it
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should take affect march 21. many are now on the line and the president said the spending cuts known as the sequester would mean fewer border control agents and some cuts could also affect the economic recovery. >> i think what is likely to have, is if in fact they are removed, it will affect businesses and households who already have. >> they will return mundane they will have four days -- monday and they will have four days to reach an agreement on the cuts. for somebody on the other side of that laser, it can cost them their sight. he was burned while on a green
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laser pointer and it created a black blush in his vision. >> it is just something i will live with. >> the legal size is 5 mill watts. it can easily be bought online and cans up to the buyer to act responsibly. they are looking into whether they are hosting the 2024 summer olympics. other places include chicago new york and los angeles. cities outside of the u.s. expressing interest in the 2024 games include paris and roam. the ski resort got three inches from yesterday's storm
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and here is a look at king veil. we checked with chains traveling on the highways and snow made for difficult driving conditions as you can seement the chp said none of the incidents were major and no seer yours injuries -- seer yours injuries were reported out -- serious injuries were reported out there. >> >> checking in on the ski reports they had some good snow as well. let's check in with sal, how are the roads so far, sal? not that bad, we don't have all that much going on, some wind reported and i am checking with my personal expert, steve paulson in cust a moment. what happens is the standards
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are much lower for drivers when it comes to win advisories for chp and they just want you to be careful and they have added one for the san mateo bridge but it does not mean they have an official -- an officially one that -- they have is not officially added one. now driving in the south bay, the traffic does look good and it is nice and clear, let's go to steve. >> sometimes, sal. >> sometimes you are smart? >> yes, you know what i mean. we have clear skies our system is down in southern california and we will have mostly clear skies. we have a few high clouds dipping down from the north but this looks like one and done and this is 15 days taking us
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to march 4th or 5th and there is not much coming down, there is nothing that says rain, rain, rain, give it credit, lots of reports of snow and hail, concord fremont, maybe your backyard as well had hail. also into las vegas and arizona, 30s on the temperatures and 30s and 40s and we have a breeze with pacifica and that means it is cold out there. a lot of this cold air will continue to filter in and we will rebound slowly, windy at sometimes. temperatures 50s may be but a couple of low 60s, morgan hill, but it is soft 60s. sunny and breezy, a few high clouds, it looks cooler and breezy here for a while. >> not too bad. coming up, bad news for raiser nation, news that could lead
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out of the orange and black once again. we have a story you will only see on 2.
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. welcome back, we are following breaking news, office
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max is going to combine and merge and earlier this week reported that the wall street journal said the merger will allow office depot and office max to better compete with wal- mart target and we will have more on how it is affected today. the nfl will not loan them money to build a stadium and there is not enough corporate interest at this time. meanwhile they show no interest and they say the team refuses to meet with them near jack london square. also the golden state warriors continue to move to san francisco. they are taking from a thief who was stealing from them in their own driveway. they have two other cars and like other people they noticed
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they were having to fill up more often. that led to the conclusion somebody was taken gas from each of their vehicles. >> the gas cap was underneath the truck and all of these gas stains were here and they were helping themselves. >> the thieves probably cost them a couple of $100 in the last month. now they have bought gas locks for all their cars. it is getting closer to 5:00, let's check in with sal for traffic. we are looking at the commute around the bay area, if you can see some of these pictures it is nice and clear for you, let's take a look at san francisco, northbound 101 this traffic does look good approaching the 880 split, also if you are driving towards the bay bridge toll plaza, it is a
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nice looking drive into san francisco. southbound 680, you might want to take advantage of this, it is a nice looking commute heading south to walnut creek. our system is diving into southern california where it is giving all sorts of warm weather into spring training. 30s for many, wind protected areas, you might see some upper 40s up in oakland and mountain view is at moffett. we have a pretty strong system but it looks like the only one. it is a very cold morning but temperatures at the times will come up very slowly. temperatures will slowly rebound but we will be quite
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cool and it does not look like any rain for us going forward. the search for a missing baby comes to a tragic conclusion. also developing news out of san francisco, the water main break that could affects cable car service this morning, we will be right back.

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